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Squash Winter Mix

Squash Winter Mix


1 plant of each variety

Burgess Strain (buttercup): Dark green, blocky shaped fruits with a grey "button" on the blossom end. Deep orange, fiber-less flesh with rich sweet flavor. 95 days

Delicata: Incredibly sweet flavor and supurbly delicate flesh. 95 days

Hubbard: Delicious yellow-gold flesh and deep green skin, long storage, great in pies and soups. 115 days

Jack O Lantern (pumpkin): This pumpkin has a lot of great uses: carving, soups, pies, and much more! 105 days

Table Ace (acorn): High sugar, one of the sweetest varieties. Dark green heart shaped fruits have deep ribs on the outside and sweet golden-orange flesh on the inside. 78 days

Waltham Butternut: This AAS Winner is by far the most widely grown butternut. Tan skin with flesh that is finely textured and dark orange. Great flavor. 105 days

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