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Worker Share



An alternative option to buying a CSA share, is volunteering for one!



Working CSA Members are part of the backbone of our farm. Worker Share members work one 4-hour shift every week in exchange for a Full CSA share. Worker Share members work together with us, the farmers, to complete day-to-day tasks on the farm such as weeding, planting, harvesting, washing, and packing produce.  Folks who work at the farm develop a special relationship with the way their food is raised, the land it is raised on and the people who work here. 



A worker share requires an individual to commit to coming to the farm for a 4-hour shift once a week throughout the duration of the 16 week CSA season, which runs from mid June through October. Worker shares work together with full time crew members. This is not romantic or easy work. You will be bending down to the ground for 4 hours, doing repetitive labor. We work in all weather – wind, rain, snow, bugs, high heat, etc.

New for 2024! We are looking for a few members to help on Saturdays with us at Mill City Farmers Markets. Workers would help out with setting up and stocking our market stand, and interacting with our market customers. Please inquiry for more details. 



Full for 2024

Openings Available:


SATURDAYS (helping at Mill City Farmers Market)


What will I be doing?
 Harvesting, weeding, and washing are the most common jobs. Each shift has its own  rhythm. There are many one time jobs and other jobs repeat themselves week after week.

Do I need farming experience?
 No! Just a desire to learn and participate. Appropriate candidates will be of good  health, capable of lifting, bending, stooping and able to work in any weather  element. You will work under the supervision and guidance of GEG employees. Each job will be explained. You need to be able to 

listen carefully, follow directions  and work hard. 

Can I share the responsibility with a friend/family member?
  It is best if one person makes the commitment.

When does the worker share begin?
 The work begins the middle of June and continues through October. It coincides with  CSA season.

Can I bring my child or pet along?

What do I need to bring with me? 

 We supply all of the physical tools that are used on the farm. Bring water  (Hydration is IMPORTANT!). Make sure to dress for the weather and be prepared for  it to potentially change. Good work shoes that you are ready to get dirty and muddy  are best and rain boots when it is appropriate.


What if I need to miss a shift because of vacation, illness or other conflict?
 Please contact us as soon as you know and we can discuss.

Can I work evenings or weekends?
 We do have a few positions available for helping out at our market stand on Saturdays. We do not have "on farm"shifts available for evenings or weekends, sor

What if my schedule changes mid season?
 If you know your schedule will be changing mid season we can talk about it and plan accordingly.


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