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What’s the difference between your Full Share and Half Share?

 The Full Share is a full sized box delivered once a week and is a total of  16 boxes. The Half Share is the same sized box, only delivered every other week for  a total of 8 boxes. People have found that this option is a great introduction to  the CSA program.

How long does your CSA go for?

 We have a 16 week CSA season that runs from the middle of June until October. 

When do I pick-up my box? 

 Boxes will be available for pick-up on Tuesdays after 4pm. Boxes must be picked up  on Tuesdays, before drop site location closes. We can not guarantee your box being  there if you wait till the next day.  

What if I go on vacation and can’t pick up my box?

 Please contact us 2 weeks before you go on vacation. If you are a Half Share and  can’t pick up your box, you can simply let us know and we will switch you to a week  that works for you. If you are a Full Share, than we ask that you try to find  someone to pick up your box or let us know and we can make sure your box makes it  to a local food shelf.



How do I know which box is mine?

 Your box will have your name on it. Please only take the box with your name. If you  are having someone else pick up your box, PLEASE be sure to have them pick the box  with your name.



Can I upgrade my share during the CSA season?

 Yes! Please contact us immediately. Depending on where we are in the CSA season, we  will pro-rate the difference in share cost. 

Do you offer any sort of payment plan?

 Yes! We offer 3 different payment plans.

   Full Payment (upon signing up)

   Half Payment - Half upon signing up, other half by June 1st. 

   Extended Payment - Credit Card require. Based on the

    month you sign up, we will disperse your payments 

    through June 1st. (Ex. If you sign up in March for a

    Half Share, your credit card will be charged 4 monthly

    payments of $82.50)

Are you certified organic?

 No, we are Certified Naturally Grown. We grow all our produce in accordance with  Organic standards. 



How do I sign-up?

 It’s super easy! Just click HERE.


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