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Custom Plants for Market Gardeners, Cut Flower Farmers & Commerical Vegetable Growers

Custom orders are closed for 2023 season.

Green Earth Growers

locally & sustainably grown
the plants you want , when you want them

Custom Grown Plugs


Get the plants you want, when you want them!

Bring us YOUR seeds and we will custom grow your transplants for you. 

Please email, mail or fax your order.

Please mail in your seeds or call to make an appointment to drop them off.  

how we grow...

  • Growing a HEALTHY plant is our number one mission​

  • We grow our plants using sustainable methods, producing healthy plugs with optimum root development for easy handling and transplanting

  • Our plants are adapted to our Northern climate

  • We seed your plants to be ready for your planting dates

  • We offer three different plug trays sizes:                                                                      -128 plug tray  which is perfect for growing vegetable, flower and  herb plugs                                                       -72 plug tray  are great for when you want the larger root system.                      - 288 plug tray only available for onions and leeks  

  • 50% down is required upon placing an order and the rest of  balance is due upon picking up plants. (If we don't receive your down payment by Feb 15th, your order will be canceled.)  Onion and Leek orders must be received by Feb. 1st and all other plug orders must be placed by March 1st to ensure proper growing time.

custom growing with your seed...

  • Bring us your seed from  a reliable seed company. We recommend that your seed be less than 1  year old to ensure good germination. If you are bringing us "saved" seeds be sure it is CLEAN of debris.  Many seed companies will list the germination percentage on the seed packet. Take note if the % is low,  bring extra seed.  (We do reserve the right to refuse seed)

  • When you bring us your seed, please provide us with ample seed to accurately seed your tray. We require AT LEAST  150 seeds per 128 tray and 100 per 72 tray ....but we recommend that you bring more (the more seed the more accurately you tray will be seeded).  If there is leftover seeds you are more than welcome to pick them up. 

  • Decide on your pick-up date and tray sizes

  • Make an appointment to pick-up 

  • Pay your 50% down 

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