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Peppers Hot Mix

Peppers Hot Mix


1 plant of each variety

Cayenne: Very hot, long red fruits, great for drying. 75 days

Habanero: Among the hottest peppers around, blocky, wrinkled 2" bright orange fruits. 90 days

Jalapeno: Heavy yielding 3-3.5" blunt-end fruit can be harvested dark green or allowed to ripen red. 65 days

Poblano: Also called Ancho, sweet but with enough spicy bite, 4-5" dark green fruits. 75 days

Serrano: Chili pepper that is crisp, bright, and biting, notably hotter than the Jalapeno pepper. 75 days

Thai Hot: Seriously hot, small, conical, .5-1" fruits that ripen to bright red. 85 days

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