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Tomato Mix

Tomato Mix


1 plant of each variety

Beefsteak: These plants produce large 1-2lbs of solid, meaty, and juicy tomatoes. 80 days

Celebrity: This AAS Winner has heavy yields of tasty tomatoes with supurb flavor on determinate plants. 70 days

Early Girl: Use this tomato to jumpstart your harvest! This girl bears lots of fruit for an early harvest. 50 days

Mountain Gold: Expect large harvest of beautiful, smooth, round golden yellow fruits. 71 days

Roma: A specially bred roma tomato that produces fleshy, juicy, almost seedless fruits with a deliciously different flavor. THis semi-bush is a heavy producer. 76 days

Sweet 100: Cherry tomatoes bursting with sugary flavor. The scarlet, cherry sized fruits are heavy yielders. 70 days

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