Boreal Apiaries Honey

Boreal Apiaries Honey


Locally produce by Yuuki and Meghan, who run Boreal Apiaries, LLC.  They strive to run sustainable apiaries that produce high-quality northern-hardy queen bees and delicious raw honey.  Currently, they have 7 bee-yards near Lakeville, MN.  Each bee-yard is on the edge of untended hardwood forest/prairie land and the honey contains an incredible mixture of summer wildflower, basswood, and sweet clover nectar.  For a limited time, they also have buckwheat honey that the bees foraged from an organic farm just south of Lakeville.  


Boreal Apiaries’ honey is only lightly filtered, so it contains the enzymes, nutrients, and other healthy components found only in raw honey.  All raw honey will naturally crystallize over time.  Crystallized honey may be used like you would any other honey—as a spread, in baking projects, in tea, etc.  If you desire a more liquid form, gently heat either the entire jar or just the amount you need in a warm water bath.   



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