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Squash Summer Mix

Squash Summer Mix


1 plant of each variety

Eight Ball (zucchini): First round zucchini with deep intensely dark green skin, an AAS Winner. 40 days 

Gold Rush (zucchini): Bright golden color and delicious, distinctive zucchini flavor. 54 days

Multipik (straightneck): High yields of straightneck squashes with rich yellow fruits. 50 days

Sunburst (patty pan): Deep yellow scallopini that is as vibrant as the sun, very productive. 55 days

Spineless Beauty (zucchini): Spineless, medium green zucchini, lightly flecked, very prolific. 48 days

Zephyr (summer squash): This beautiful bi-color squash, has fruits that are buttercup yellow with faint white striping and light green ends. 54 days

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