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12" fiber mache hanging basket

Mixed Hanging Baskets

mixed sun basket
mixed shade basket
geranium mix
available in red or rose
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ivy geranium sofie
ivy geranium cascade white
ivy geranium blizzard blue
ivy geranium blizzard pink
ivy geranium ivy league red
lantana bandana cherry sunrise
petunia mix
growers choice, colors vary
thunbergia susie orange with black eye
verbena lanai mix
growers choice, colors vary
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Sun Hanging Baskets

Sun or Shade Hanging Baskets

lobelia heat electric blue
torenia purple moon
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Shade Hanging Baskets

fuchsia dark eyes
fuchsia pink marshmallow
torenia moon mix
double impatiens silhouette red
double impatiens silhouette white
new guinea magnum red
new guinea magnum wild salmon
new guinea magnum white
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Fruit Hanging Baskets

strawberry toscana
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12" fiber mache patio pots

12" patio pot

mixed shade patio pots
mixed sun patio pots
geranium patio pots
available in: red, hot pink & white
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Blooming Annuals

4pak annuals


4" fiber pot

funky foliage - 4" fiber pot

5" fiber pot

blooming vines - 5" fiber pot

gallon grasses - 6" fiber pot

morning glory grandpa ott
10-13ft, sun
morning glory scarlet o'hara
thunbergia orange
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bacopa betty
coleus merlot
coleus solar sunrise
coleus stained glassworks trailing monarch
Heliotrope Scentropia Dark Blue
lobelia techno heat electric blue
lobularia yolo white
4-8", sun/part sun
verbena cloud 8
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asparagus springeri
dracaena (spike)
24", sun/shade
imopoea sweet georgia deep purple
6-10", sun/shade
imopoea sweet georgia heart lime
lysimachia goldilocks
2-4", sun/part sun
vinca vine high color
4-6", sun/shade
wandering jew
8-12", sun/shade
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dahlberg daisy shooting star
dahlia garden pride mix
flowering kale nagoya mix
nasturium alaska mix.
nasturium empress of india
petunia tidal wave cherry
petunia tidal wave silver
Petunia  Wave Blue
petunia wave purple
rudbeckia indian summer
tithonia torch
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alyssum easter bonnet white
coleus fairway mix
impatiens super elfin deep pink
impatiens super elfin violet star
impatiens beacon bright red
impatiens beacon white
pansy delta blotch mix
salvia blue bedder
salvia sizzler red
snapdragon floral showers mix
vinca cobra formula mix
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cyperus baby tut
18-24", sun/shade
cyperus king tut
48-72", sun/part sun
purple fountain grass
sun/part sun
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6pak herbs

4" fiber pot

basil mix
1 of each variety
Basil Dark Opal
Basil Holy
Basil Lemon
Basil Spicy Globe
Basil Sweet
Basil Thai
culinary herb mix
1 of each variety
Basil Sweet
Parsley Flat
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basil eleonora
certified organic
lavender hidcote blue
lemon grass
mint mojito
oregano italian
parsley italian
thyme english
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6pak veggies

4" fiber pot

Urban Garden - 10" pot with cage

12" Fiber Mache Hanging Baskets

6 pak Tomato Mixes

Tomato Tumbling Tom
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tomato megabite
tomato totem
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tomato beefsteak
tomato big boy
tomato big rainbow
tomato brandywine
tomato celebrity
tomato cherokee purple
tomato early girl
tomato chadwick cherry
tomato peacevine cherry
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heirloom tomato mix #1
tomato mix #2
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4" fiber pot

6 pak Pepper Mixes

hot pepper mix
sweet pepper mix
pepper lunchbox mix
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pepper california wonder
certified organic
pepper orange sun
pepper king of the north
pepper jalapeno
certified organic
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Misc Vegetables

cucumber patio snacker
pea trellis
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Urban Garden - 10" Pot with Cage or Trellis

6 pak veggies

bean bush mix
3 plants each of
bean royal burgundy
bean provider
kale mix
2 of each variety
kale lacinato
kale redbor
kale vate blue curled
lettuce romaine
lettuce wildfire mix
summer squash mix
1 of each variety
squash eigth ball
squash multipik
squash sunburst
squash zephry
zucchini gold rush
zucchini spineless beauty
winter squash mix
1 of each variety
squash burgess strain (buttercup)
squash delicata
squash hubbard
squash table ace
squash waltham (butternut)
pumpkin jack o lantern
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More Vegetables - 4"

cucumber bush crop
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dracaena (spike)

24", sun/shade