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Meadowbrook's Plant Sale


Help Support Meadowbrook's PTO

12" fiber mache hanging basket

Mixed Hanging Baskets

Sun Hanging Baskets

Sun or Shade Hanging Baskets

Shade Hanging Baskets

Fruit Hanging Baskets

12" fiber mache patio pots

12" patio pot

Blooming Annuals

4pak annuals


4" fiber pot

funky foliage - 4" fiber pot

5" fiber pot

blooming vines - 5" fiber pot

gallon grasses - 6" fiber pot


6pak herbs

4" fiber pot


6pak veggies

4" fiber pot

Urban Garden - 10" pot with cage

12" Fiber Mache Hanging Baskets

6 pak Tomato Mixes


4" fiber pot

6 pak Pepper Mixes

Misc Vegetables

Urban Garden - 10" Pot with Cage or Trellis

6 pak veggies

More Vegetables - 4"

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