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How can I schedule my plant sale fundraiser with Green Earth Growers?


  Please call 952-447-4131 (or email if you are planning to hold a    

  fundraiser so that we can get you on our delivery schedule as soon as possible. Ask for Jenny or



How do I run a plant sale?


  If you are experienced with plant fundraisers or if you have never run one before, we can    

  help you by offering suggestions on what to order. You can specify colors or we can give you  

  our popular grower's mix of colors. 


What is the best way to take customer orders from our group?


  Using pre-order forms is the most successful way to run your plant sale. Pre-order forms      

  should be distributed to your group 3-4 weeks prior to our due date. You must establish a    

  cut off date for your group so that you can mail, e-mail or fax us your final order by the    

  date specified.


How much do we upcharge on the plants?


  You determine your own profit margin on all of our plants. We recommend you raise your prices

  anywhere from 50-100% depending on your target market. 


When do you need the final order totals by?


  We need your final total numbers by April 5th at the latest.


What happens when my order gets delivered?


  When your order is delivered you will need to have some "helpers" from your group on hand to

  help you unload the truck. The driver will not unload the order by themselves. Please be sure

  that you have enough help to sort orders and be sure to schedule pick-up for your own customers

  several hours later--if not longer--to allow enough time to sort


What forms of payment do you accept?


  We accept Visa, Mastercard, Check or Cash. Payment is due upon delivery, or call to establish a



Do you charge a delivery fee?


  A $45 delivery charge will be added to each delivery. It is very important to include with    

  your order, a contact number and directions or a detailed map for our delivery drivers to use

  for reference.

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