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Green Earth Growers

locally & sustainably grown


community building

  A flower fundraiser is a great way to generate funds for your specific organization.  Gardening is one of the most popular hobbies in the United States. Each spring, consumers will spend an average of $70 on bedding plants alone. 

GREEN EARTH GROWERS is proud to offer your organization a fundraiser that is easy to organize and has better potential for profit than other fundraisers. We have been helping local organizations cultivate successful fundraisers for over 10 years. With our experienced staff we will be able to

help you run an efficient & seamless fundraiser that will

benefit you and your team.


Fundraising with Green Earth Growers provides you with a large variety of locally & sustainably grown plants to sell.


Check out the benefits

of choosing

Green Earth Growers

for your fundraiser:


  • Plants are a great alternative to cookies, candies and wrapping paper

  • Helps your organization take a step in a “green” direction

  • Large variety of items offered including bedding plants, vegetables, hanging baskets, potted plants, accent foliage & more

  • Several color options for each flower

  • No upfront costs

  • Delivery is available (extra fee)

  • Take orders through mid – April

  • You set your selling price


Plant Sale

There are 2 different ways your organization can have a plant sale.


The most popular is a "Pre-Sale" Plant Sale. We help you decide a delivery date and  choose items to offer for your sale. Your organization goes out and sells those items. We delivery them to you on your delivery date. 


The second type is a general "Plant Sale".  It is the same as above but you do not "pre-sale" anything.  We help you decide a delivery date,  items that you would like to sell and we deliver them to you.  Please note that we DO NOT take back  any plants that may  not have sold at

end of the sale. 


Please note:

  • We only deliver within the Twin Cities area. If outside the area please contact us.

  • We typically recommend you  mark up 50-100%  on the price of the plants. 


Any questions please give us a call or Email Us!

Fundraiser Timeline


  • Contact us 

  • Determine Type  of Sale

  • Reserve a Delivery Date & Time

  • Decide on what items you are offering


  • Distribute Selling Forms/Info

  • Set your due date in late March/early April to allow time to process the orders


  • Total numbers due by April 1st 

  • Total all your orders from selling

  • Submit your order (in total flats needed not pots/paks)


  • Prepare for delivery: have a group of volunteers ready to help unload and organize plants. 

  • Plan out how you want to organize the plants to help make customer pick-up or delivering easier. 

  • Delivery of plants

  • Have a check ready upon delivery unless credit has been approved

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